We now know that morphological awareness is growing and developing beginning in kindergarten and continues throughout the school years.

(Kirby et al., 2012; Mahony, Singson, & Mann, 200; Nagy, Berninger & Abbott, 2006).

Morphemes for Little Ones K-3 provides systematic, structured literacy lessons to help teachers teach morphological awareness appropriately to young students. 

We know that learning about the written code is easier for students who know more about the sounds and meanings of the spoken words they are learning to read. Individual student differences in knowledge of these characteristics of spoken language at the start of formal instruction have an enormous impact on students’ progress.

(Hulme, Nash, Gooch, Lervig, & Snowling 2015).

Morphemes for Little Ones presents lessons adaptable for a K-3 grade range.

Samples of Levels 1, 2, 3 Lessons

Samples of Language Stimulation Cards (5.5 x 8.5)

Example of a Morpheme Wall created with the Language Stimulation Cards.

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