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Training in Morphological Awareness and How to Implement Morpheme Magic!

Teachers and students alike, will become captivated by words as they explore together the world of morphology and build awareness of morphemes, the meaningful parts in words.

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Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness for Grades 4-12


Systematic and explicit morpheme lessons, teaching activities, and more will create morphological awareness for teachers and students alike! Fifty-three lessons, covering suffixes, prefixes, roots, and Greek combining forms, share a systematic routine that draws from the research on how we develop deep word knowledge. This program is sure to enhance advanced word study while building interest and curiosity about words.

Morpheme Magic Wall Cards (8.5 X 11 cardstock)

Appealing and informational morpheme reference cards for when teachers and students need a quick morpheme review or reminder. Post these in the classroom to support the Morpheme Magic lessons. These cards are built into many of the lesson activities, or can serve as a stand-alone for learning anytime during the day.

Samples of Morpheme Magic Wall Cards and Lessons

A Sample of Morpheme Magic Wall Cards (8.5 X 11 cardstock)

A Sample of Morpheme Magic Lessons


Book & Wall Cards Combo

$ 111
  • Sold Together: Morpheme Magic book of lessons and Morpheme Magic Wall Cards (Set of 52)

Book Only

$ 60
  • Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness

Wall Cards

$ 60
  • Morpheme Magic Wall Cards (Set of 52)


Contact us at Morpheme Magic if you are interested in purchasing multiple classroom quantities for your school. Invoicing for PO’s is available. Write to with inquiries. Please place Morpheme Magic  in the subject line.

Dr. Deb Glaser has a long history of working with students and teachers to improve literacy for all. She is the author of multiple books dear to teachers everywhere, and the online course Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools.
She has been spreading the important news about morphological awareness for some time now, and created Morpheme Magic in response to the many teachers who have shared with her that they don’t know how to teach morphological awareness. Morpheme Magic will build teachers’ confidence in their ability to teach and build their students’ morphological awareness.