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Teachers and students alike, will become captivated by words as they explore together the world of language and morphology, and build awareness of morphemes, the meaningful parts in words.
Morphological awareness positively impacts students’ literacy skills when taught during intervention (Bowers, et al., 2010).
In some cases, morphological awareness is the sole or strongest predictor for reading and spelling ability (Apel, et al., 2012).
Morphological awareness makes a powerful contribution to word reading abilities (Apel & Diehm, 2014).
Morphological awareness uniquely predicts reading and writing skills even when other linguistic awareness skills are considered (Apel, et al., 2012).
Morphological awareness impacts reading comprehension positively (Nagy, Berninger & Abbot, 2006; Wolter and Dilworth, 2014).
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Morphemes for Little Ones Grades K-3

Bring the magic of language to K-3 classrooms with this book of leveled lessons and accompanying picture cards. Build awareness of words as you create a language rich classroom.

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Morpheme Magic Grades 4-12

Engage students in a magical study of words, their meaningful parts, and captivating history. Systematic lessons guide teachers and students on a journey to become “word scientists”


Enroll in workshops designed to strengthen teachers’ understanding of morphological awareness, word study, and how to teach it across the grades.

Morphological Awareness

When magic happens to us, it’s usually unexpected and delightful. Magic is that special unknown that begs to become known and understood. Morphology is magical, and my teaching tools were created to give teachers what they need to bring the magic of language into their classrooms.


Dr. Deb Glaser has a long history of working with students and teachers to improve literacy for all. She is the author of multiple books dear to teachers everywhere, and the online reading course Top 10 Tools.
She has been spreading the important news about morphological awareness for some time now. She created Morpheme Magic: Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness Grades 4-12 and Morphemes for Little Ones: Bringing the Magic of Language into K-3 Classrooms in response to the many teachers who have shared with her that they know morphological awareness is important but are not sure how to teach it.
Dr Deb has a passion for helping teachers get it right, gain confidence in their teaching, and enjoy the rich rewards when making a difference in children’s lives.
Enjoy these resources. May they bring the magic of words into your classrooms.